Sonic Branding

We give brands an audio identity. Distilling that identity into just a few notes, sounds, or textures isn’t a simple process – which is exactly the reason we’re trusted to do it.
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Government of Ontario

The Ontario Government presented us with the unique challenge of repurposing and modernizing the classic “Ontari-ari-ario” jingle from the late 60’s, into a new mnemonic to be used across all their messaging. After finding the right piece of the song to quote, we re-played it on a treated upright piano giving it a fresh and modern feel, while simultaneously preserving the connection to it's nostalgic roots.

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PC wanted to encompass 2 things with their sonic branding: an element of discovery and a conviction in their quality. We used all live instruments to play a uniquely layered note sequence, combined with a written signature and ‘stamp of authenticity’ – also created from scratch with live recordings.

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We got to rebrand the most recognized and iconic news authority in the country – which is a pretty cool thing to be asked to do.

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We were asked to capture the childlike and fun spirit of the brand, so we tapped into the nostalgia found in common musical experiences and memories.  A vintage piano you’d find in a school gym, a nod to the famous “Knuckle Song”, some childlike wonder – and we’re there.

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Newman's Own

Newman’s Own presented the interesting challenge of wanting to capture a “childlike spirit”, while also having a modern-pop feel. Our approach - create a playground-like melody you might hear kids singing, but treat it with an indie pop feel. This kept it inviting and memorable for salad-lovers of all ages.

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Reese tasked us with creating an ASMR style mnemonic, that leans into that satisfying sticky-peel that Reese-lovers are so familiar with. We meticulously captured the peeling (and eating!) of fresh Reese cups with several microphones, then treated the sounds to be even more punchy and detailed. Of course it has to end with an emphatic CHOMP!

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Trust and sophistication meets warmth and approachability.  In this case, the bass line we created to set up the mnemonic became as much a brand-able element as the 4-note melody itself.

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AAA is all about safety, and the comfort of knowing that in times of need, they will be there for you. We reflected this musically with a simple piano line that is optimistic, comforting, and memorable to help reinforce those brand values.

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As Canada's leading non-bank lender, Fairstone wanted to embody the trust and security of a bank, without the formality typically associated with the financial sector. By employing some traditional instrumentation in a less-than traditional way, we landed on a mnemonic that's bold, trustworthy and lighthearted all at once.



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